Objective: Create a shooting system with Raycast!

This is a first-person shooter; this means that one of the features we need our player to do is shoot. In a first-person shooter the player shoots through the center of the screen.

Let’s begin by creating something for the player to shoot…

Objective: Control the camera with the mouse!

This tutorial we are going to complete the camera controller. We already have the camera following the player as they move through the world. Now we want to control where the camera is looking with the mouse.

We are going to be dealing…

Objective: Set the camera to follow the player!

In this tutorial we are going to create a system for the main camera to follow the player as they move through the world. The camera component is one of the most complex parts of a character controller. …

Objective: Create a new 3D project in Unity!


It is time to start a new project in Unity. The next series of tutorial I’m writing are going to focus on the 3D side of Unity. To be more specific, this game is going to be a zombie FPS (First Person Shooter). Let’s begin.

Open Unity Hub.

Objective: Uploading your game to the Google play store!

It’s happened. You made a mobile game, and you are ready to publish your game. This tutorial I will show you how to do just that. To begin we need to open the Google play console.

Select Create App in the…

Objective: Create the all mighty Keystore file!

A Keystore file is an encryption file that has a bunch of certificates that verify that you are the original Author of this app and that you are allowed to update the app. …

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