Objective: Creating and implementing an Interface!

It is now time to work on our damage system. for this damage system we don’t want it to be unique and specific to just attacking enemies. We want to be able to attack anything in our environment that could be damageable. …

Objective: Create a waypoint system for the moss giant to walk between.

Since we have set up our enemies using abstract classes and inheritances we can continue to build our moss Giant. In this tutorial we are going to focus on setting up movement with waypoints.

We want the Moss…

Objective: Learn how to use an abstract class to help design your enemies!

In the last tutorial we went over using inheritance to design enemies, and not we are going to compound this with the use of abstract classes.

If an enemy wanted to use the inherited bass attack method…

Objective: Understanding how Inheritance works and using it to design your enemies!

Now that we are taking our first steps in creating our enemies we need to create a new folder to store all our enemy scripts.

We are going to have one enemy class that defines all shared traits…

Objective: Install Cinemachine and create camera follow system!

We have been focusing on player animations and movements. If you have followed along with me, or made you own, we have a large level designed for our player however we can’t explore it since the camera doesn’t move. …

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