Animate GameObjects using Timeline

addam davis
2 min readSep 9, 2021

Objective: Learn how to animate GameObjects on the timeline!

In the last tutorial we learned how to animate virtual cameras in the timeline. Today we are going to animate GameObjects on the timeline. The process is very similar.

To begin, we need to Select the object that the timeline is attached to. In the timeline you need to add an animation track.

Attach the object you want to animate to the animation track and since the object doesn’t have an animator Unity will make one for us.

With the object attached go ahead and press the record button and place the object in its starting position to create a starting key frame.

With the beginning frame created drag the display on the timeline to where you want the animation to be finished.

In this example we want to spin the cube. So, select the rotation scale and flip the cube.

End the recording and preview your animation.

Now you know how to animate GameObjects on your Timeline! You can take these basic animations and use them to make your own dynamic animations. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your animations, and I’ll see you in the next tutorial!