App Design Flow — Building Enterprise Apps with Unity

addam davis
2 min readFeb 15, 2022


Objective: Create a clear thought-out navigation path for your App.

This is a UI driven App that is split into a bunch of panels. (Search, Select, Client Info, Location, Take Photo, Overview) We are going to have a UI Manager that is going to be responsible for communicating with all of these panels.

Each of these panels are going to be data containers that hold the UI elements.

For Example, the search panel.

This is just going to maintain a reference link to the user Input Field as well as the search button. When the search button is activated, we are going to call a method that is going to grab that input field and use it in the next screen if it is needed as well as use it to populate the overview data.

If we look at the Select Panel.

You can see the select panel is going to be information. We are then going to accept that data and be taken to the overview panel.

The client info panel.

There is a case number we are going to need to assign. It is going to be randomly generated and stored in a Case, that we will create. There is the first name, and last name user input fields and when we hit next, we are going to want to make sure those are populated.

All of these panels are going to have their own script and the scripts are going to need to communicate with the UI Manager. The UI Manager is going to be able to reference that information so when the user gets to the overview panel it knows what data to display.