Automatic Animations Using Blended List Cameras!

addam davis
2 min readFeb 26, 2023

Objective: Understand the functionality of Blended List Cameras!

A blended Camera is a fantastic camera that allows you to swap between different virtual cameras based on a timed sequence. This allows you to get really creative with your playback of your camera system.

Created a blended camera, and you will see that it has two cameras already childed below. You can add more cameras in the inspector.

Set the position for all the cameras.

You don’t have to use regular virtual cameras; you could use a tracked camera or POV or any other special type of camera. It just has to be a child of this list.

Next we can adjust how we want each of these cameras to work.

With our blended list we can go in and adjust our blend on how we want it to work. The transition from camera to camera takes as long as we set it to take. If we want a quicker transition use a lower number. If we want the transition to linger we use larger numbers.

Now if you start the editor your cameras will begin transitioning from one to the next. It will loop as long as you have loop selected.

This is how we can create really nice camera transitions that are automatic without relying on Cinemachine.