Bring your game to AAA status through Post Processing!

addam davis
3 min readJun 1, 2021


Objective: Use Post Processing to give your game a unique and polished look.

You have set up post processing, now what? Now we will use post processing to adjust the look of your game and change it from looking like your first game, to looking like a 10th.

Post processing allows you to add several Effects.

Bloom is used to add an optical effect of light from a bright source appears as though it leaks into surrounding objects. It will also automatically generate lens flare in efficient ways.

Color Grading is used for altering and correcting the color and luminance of everything. This effect includes HDR tools and to Allow this you must go to the build settings, then the player settings, then change the Color Space from gamma to Linear.

Ambien Occlusion approximates crevice shadows in real time. It gives you a more realistic appearance to parts of objects where ambient light is blocked out or occluded.

Auto Exposure is used to mimic how the human eye adjusts in varying levels of darkness. It dynamically adjusts the exposure of an image according to the range of brightness levels the image contains.

Chromatic Aberration is used to recreate the camera effect where the lens fails to converge all colors to the same point. It appears as “fringes” of color along the boundaries that separate dark and bright parts of the image.

Depth of Field Simulates the focus properties of a camera lens, where a camera can only focus sharply on an object at a specific distance. Objects that are nearer or farther from the camera will be somewhat out of focus.

Grain is an optical texture of photographic film due to the presence of small particles in the metallic silver of the film stock.

Lens Distortion this effect simulates the shape of a camera lens by distorting or undistorting the final render.

Motion Blur effect that simulates the image blur that happens when an object is moving faster than the camera’s exposure time.

Screen Space Reflection is a technique for reusing screen space data to calculate reflections.

Vignette used to darken and/or desaturating towards the edges of an image compared to the center.

These are the tools you will use to take your game to the next level. Now that you know what every effect is for, you can experiment and make the effects you want. This is what you need to bring the AAA polish to your own games.