Camera Plugin for Unity!

addam davis
2 min readMar 1, 2022

Objective: Download and import camera plugin!

The next feature we are going to add to our app is the ability to access your camera to take a photo and attach it to a raw texture. This is a huge undertaking. There is a lot involved with accessing the device. Most of the time in programming it doesn’t make since to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we are going to use a plugin that is going to allow us to access to access the camera for both android and IOS. We will also be able to use helper functions to take a photo and apply it to a texture.

We need to navigate to the asset store.

The plugin we want is Native Camera for Android & iOS by Yasirkula.

It is free so select download and once it is ready select import.

Within this plugin is everything we need to create our camera functionality.

I’ll see you in the next tutorial!