Complex Shapes with Simple Colliders!

addam davis
3 min readMay 30, 2024


Objective: Create and understand how compound colliders are used.

When you have a complex object that a simple collider shape doesn’t quite fit we can use compound colliders to give more realistic feel. In this example I will be using a revolver. If we were to use a box collider the collider will detect the mesh of the object and create a box collider encompassing the whole object.

Obviously this doesn’t work. We have too much negative space that is considered the object. To better fit this particular object, we should shrink this square to fit the handle.

This is better. To create a compound collider, we need to select a child of the object. This revolver has the barrel as a child. Select this and add a square collider.

All we have to do now is edit this collider and extend it down the barrel.

Now when you load your scene the revolver will not be a solid giant square and have a more realistic revolver.

Select the parent object and on the XR grab interactable component there is a spot for a list of colliders.

Now we can the collider we placed on the handle, on the parent object. With this set up when we grab our revolver it will only grab that spacific revolver.

Perfect! Now, you know how to create complex shapes using simple colliders! Don’t be afraid to experiment with your colliders and i’ll see you in the next tutorial!