Configure AWS Mobile SDK for Unity!

addam davis
2 min readJan 27, 2022

Objective: Configure the AWS Mobile SDK for Unity!

In the previous tutorial I walked you through creating an account for AWS, downloading and importing the AWS Mobile ASK for Unity. In this tutorial We will be configuring the AWS Mobile SDK for Unity. Do not worry, this is the easiest step of this process.

This is automatically done for us the “UnityInitializer.AttachToGameObject(this.gameObject);

We are going to create a C# script and attach it to a manager class that’s going to act as our AWS manager it’s automatically going to handle everything we need to the connection to the AWS server and for the configuration for it.

Create an empty object and name it “AWS_Manager”

Create a C# script “AWSManager” and attach to the AWS_Manager.

Open the script and we need to add the Amazon namespace.

From there, we need to use the void awake method and inside we are using the line of code we mentioned earlier.

Now when you start your editor with the AWS_Manager selected you will see it automatically attach the required components.