Creating an Android Build with Unity!

addam davis
4 min readDec 21, 2021

Objective: Create a playable android build!

Once you get so far into development you will want to be able to test your game. In this tutorial we are going to create a build of your game for your android device. Just like any other build you select File > Build Settings

This will open your build setting window. You will need to select your platform. If you are not on the platform, you wish you will need to select the platform and, on the bottom-right select “Switch Platform” If you are on the right platform you will select “Build”

Selecting build will create an APK file in your assets root directory. I labeled mine as “Demo”

Select save and allow this to run its course. If a prompt opens that says missing required platform API, select use highest installed.

If you receive an error when building and it states something about it can’t find your JDK version we can solve this by heading to google and searching “Android SDK Unity Development”

This will lead to a document page that will help you get set up for android development.

If you did need to download JDK go to Unity > Edit > Preferences > External tools > Set JDK here.

Once the APK is finished being built we need to transfer the file to your android phone. The simplest way I’ve discovered is using Dropbox. Setting up an account is free, and it makes transferring files to your phone take seconds.

Once your account is ready simply right click your APK file and select “move” to Dropbox.”

One your phone you will need to download the drop box app.

With that done select your file and select export.

Select save to device and select a location

Once done select the file on your phone. If prompted with multiple choices to open with select Package Installer.

you will be asked if you want to install this application, choose to install.

You may need to change your security options and allow install from unknown sources. It will give you the option to allow it.

You may also be blocked by Play Protect, select Install Anyway.

Then boom, your app will now be on your phone. You can now open your app and test it out. You can see how your UI looks and the general layout of your game. Now that you know how to make a build for your phone you are one step closer to completing your first mobile game! I’ll see you in the next tutorial!