Creating and modifying a Reticle!

addam davis
3 min readJan 25, 2024

Objective: Create a reticle and edit it to add more polish to your teleporting.

Now that we have created the ability to teleport, we are ready to make it look better. We can begin by changing the line color. This little detail may not be the first thing noticed when done well, but it will be noticed if ignored and left as default.

Select the Teleport Interactor and under the XR Interactor Line Visual component you will find Valid Color Gradient.

You can create a solid line color if you want but I like the gradient look.

Nice subtle color change

Easy, now we can focus on the reticle. At the bottom of the XR Interactor Line Visual component you will find a spot to attach a reticle.

In the XR Toolkit Unity provides you with two reticle prefabs. One direction reticle and a blocked reticle. The blocked reticle is for when you are trying to teleport into an area you cannot teleport into. Attach both of these.

If you load into your scene now you will notice two things. One, the direction of the reticle does not match with the direction you’re facing when teleporting. This fix is simple, navigate to the teleportation area, mine is on the plane object. In the inspector there is an option under Teleportation Configuration called match direction. Enable this and your reticle will now show the direction you will face when teleporting.

The second thing you will notice is the prefabs are a bland gray. This is also an easy fix. In the project view we can create a new materis and attach this to the prefab and change the color that way.

Now open the prefab with a double click and we can attach this material.

Now when we change the color of the material the color of the redical will automatically update to the new color. I want to make the reticle a similar color to the line blue we used earlier.

We can also do the same to the blocked reticle and adding a red for the inside X indicating that you cannot teleport there.

Now when you play your game you will see the newly updated reticle. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your own reticle and I’ll see you in the next tutorial!