Day One is Better Than One Day

addam davis
2 min readMay 1, 2021

I remember being a kid in a small house with thin walls listening to my parents constant laughter. It was late and I couldn’t sleep so I decided to sneak through the front room and see what was it that kept my parents happy and me awake. As I got to the corner I could see the light shinning from the TV and on the TV I saw a gorilla with a tie and a chimp with a hat riding a rhinoceros. I was enraptured by the sight and sat silently watching for what felt like hours. I remember being really “sick” the next day and stayed home from school and had the spectacle all to myself for the day.

My passion for video games was born with Donkey Kong Country, and has grown over time. I have gone out of my way to experience games I knew weren’t the Genres I typically enjoyed, just to see the differences there were within the medium. I knew from the first time I picked up a controller that I wanted to be on both sides of this experience. I wanted to consume more but I also wanted to create.

I’ve always been the creative type. My understanding mother bought me a paint, markers, and sprays and let me paint my own room. I’ve designed patterns, paintings, tattoos, posters, characters, I’ve even written poetry and a short story. No matter how many mediums I explored I knew the one I always wanted to develop was video games.

After a series of “life happenings” I’ve decided today is a good day to be day one. I’ve joined with GameDevHQ and through their extensive boot camp program I will be developing the skills to become a Software Engineer, and a Unity Game Developer in 120 days. I have zero experience with Unity and in four months I will become an expert. As I write this I’m still coming to terms with the idea that this is finally happening.

So, come join me on this journey, and watch as day one become 120, and then many many more!