Found Case ID!

addam davis
2 min readApr 12, 2022

Objective: Compare the case string with the string being passed in!

We start this process by creating a string to compare case style.

In the last tutorial we hard coded the number “55”, but now we want to search for what the string that the user enters into the input field.

Instead of using a for each loop we should use linqs. First, we need to add the namespace.

Linq is a C# library filled with helper methods to sort data. You can use it on any list like our list of S3Objects.

Comment out the for each loop, and add a bool that is true if the obj.key is the same as the target.

Then we can add a check for if case found is true, then we print out a success.

Now you can test your application and on the search panel use a case number that you know exist and it should print out the success.

With this we are ser up and ready to download that specific case! I’ll see you in the next tutorial.