Getting Started with AWS for Unity!

addam davis
2 min readJan 26, 2022


Objective: Understand what AWS Mobile SDK for Unity is and how to set it up!

From here forward we these tutorials are going to be focused on creating Enterprise apps. One of the first things we are going to incorporate into the new program is AWS Mobile SDK for Unity. we are integrating with Amazon web services so our mobile app can communicate with the cloud service offered by them.

For example, the Amazon simple storage service is basically a file system that’s going to allow our application to upload files and download files.

To get started you need to navigate to the website here.

From here you will find a walkthrough on everything you need to add AWS Mobile SDK for Unity into your program. To begin you need to make a free AWS account.

Once your account is set up you can download the AWS Mobile SDK for Unity. Once the download is finished open in folder and extract the contents to a location of your choice.

Now I’m going to import the AWSSDK.S3 into my unity project. In unity Navigate Asset > Import Package > Custom Package. Select the package you want to import and select open.

With that you have imported AWS Mobile SDK for Unity into your program. In the next tutorial I’ll go over how to Configure the AWS Mobile SDK for Unity!