Getting Unity VR Ready

addam davis
2 min readJan 21, 2024

Objective: Create a new Unity Project that can handle VR!

We have set up our headset and connected it to our PC’s. Now, we need to set up our Unity Editor to be able to develop with VR. I am using Unity 2021.3.34. Open the Editor and create a new project using the URP core.

Let Unity create the new project, sometimes this can take a few minutes.

Once done we need to add the XR Plugin Management. This will allow us to add the Oculus plugin later. XR Plugin Management does not talk to the headset. What it does do is take care of the back-end plugins that allows us to add the Oculus specific plugins, that will then talk to the headset.

When this is finished, we now need to navigate to the Project Settings. At the bottom of the setting, we want the XR Plugin Management, and we want to add Oculus.

Now we will be able to pipe into our headset. That last plug-in is the actual link between unity and Oculus. At this stage we can now press play on the editor, and you will see your game view in your headset. It will be disorienting being that you don’t have any tracking set up yet, but you will see the scene! From here you can begin to build, and project to your headset! I’ll see you in the next tutorial!