How to Add a Custom Skybox

addam davis
3 min readMay 9, 2022

Objective: Create a skybox to that meets your environmental needs.

The skyboxes in URP and Standard RP are exactly the same. This lesson is only for the URP and Standard. We are going to create a new skybox. I am going to be creating a procedural skybox.

We are going to be generating a new lighting setting. To access the lighting setting click Windows > Rendering > Lighting.

All this is going to do is in your regular light settings it is going to create a standard light setting for you. I like setting mine to progressive GPU. This will make it so you can actually see the light changes as you make them.

Right now, we have a default skybox that we cannot change or adjust in any way.

Because organization is more than a theory let’s create a folder to hold our skybox we are about to create.

Inside that folder create a material, this material is the new skybox.

You can drag this material into the skybox, and you done!

Just kidding there is an error. This basically states that the material is not fit to be a skybox. The skybox material shader just a material. Go into the shader and select skybox, and since I’m creating a procedural skybox that’s what I’m choosing.

The difference between this and the default skybox is we can now adjust the settings inside the skybox.

We can adjust the exposure.

The atmospheric thickness.

The sun convergence.

The since size

When doing this manually we need to pay special attention to the directional lighting. You want to set the lighting up to take advantage of the directional lighting. As you adjust the directional lighting the scene will conform to where the directional light is going.

You want to use directional light with your skybox to create an overall atmospheric element of the environment. Inside the environment setting you also have access to adjust the intensity manually. We can also set the resolutions. Since I’m currently using this procedural skybox there is no need to exceed 128 since there are no clouds or details to render.