How to Build and Test your Unity Game!

addam davis
2 min readJun 9, 2021


Objective: Create the first build of your game.

A build is the combination of all of your assets, and functions and code, compiled together into an executable file you can use to test the current state of your game, or share with your friends and loved ones. This is a great way to debug your game and make sure the look and feel of your game is how your desired it to be.

To begin you need to click file and go to build settings. By default Unity has PC, MAC, Linux standalone selected.

Select Player Setting in the lower left-hand corner for more customization options.

Here you can edit your company name as well as the version number and the product name.

By default the full screen mode is active. Unless you have set up your game to exit on escape key you will want to change this to windowed mode.

With windowed selected you can select the default width and height.

With all of this filled out you can select build at the bottom of the build setting window and you will need to select the folder you want your build to go into. I personally made a folder called “Windows Playable Build”

Unity will compile your build and when it’s done a window will automatically open containing your executable file. Double click said file and your game will load, ready to be played!