How to Create the Hand-Held Look on Unity Cameras using Noise

addam davis
2 min readFeb 16, 2023

Objective: Create a more realistic camera using Noise.

Unless you are making a security camera in your game, a super still camera is just plane boring. Adding noise to your camera will give your player a more realistic feeling when playing. To give your cameras that hand-held feel we are going to be adding noise.

Create your virtual camera and position it to your desired location. Once placed we will look in the Inspector and locate the noise setions.

When you select noise you will have two options. None or Basic Multi Channel Perlin. Select the later.

Select Noise Profile and we are given a list of choices. In this tutorial I’m going to select Handheld_Normal_Mild.

Press play on the editor so we can see the noise in motion. You can cycle through the different profiles to find a profile that you like.

We can also adjust the amplitude and the frequency. Amplitude determines how much shake you have. The higher the number the greater the shake.

Frequency controls how quickly it shakes. If you want a more subtle shake you lower the number, or higher if you want a more violent shake.

This is a really easy way, without scripts, to create a nice looking camera shake for your Cinemachine camera, and give you a hand held look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your camera shakes and I’ll see you in the next tutorial.