How to Dolly/Track a Camera in Unity!

addam davis
2 min readMar 1, 2023


Objective: Understanding the functionality of Dolly Track with Cart!

Cinemachine has “create dolly camera with track” and “dolly track with cart” What’s the difference?

The Dolly track allows you to create the track that has the auto dolly. It will move along with your character depending on the auto dolly system. We have covered this before in a previous tutorial.

Editing Unique Types of Body Setting in Virtual Cameras — Tracked Dolly! — Medium

The dolly track with cart is a little different. It doesn’t auto dolly. It goes down the track at a speed that we determine, whether we are moving or not. That is the big difference between the two.

When you create the Dolly Cart, the track may not have any waypoints. In the inspector you can add waypoints to create the track that you want for your scene.

Now select the cart and set the speed.

Now when you play the editor the cart will move on it’s on and you can adjust the speed and track position to you desired movement.