How to Host Unity Games on the Web!

addam davis
3 min readJun 15, 2021

Objective: Host your games on the web!

So, you’ve made a game and you’re comfortable with how it plays. What do you do now? Well, the next logical step is to host it online. There are several sites that you could choose from Steam, Epic, and Today I will show you how easy it is to host your game using

To begin we need to build the game as a WebGL. First go to the build settings and select WebGL.

As the yellow triangle states we need to change the color space setting. Click the player setting in the lower left corner.

Scroll down to the other settings and change the Color Space setting from linear to gamma.

Now you can go back to the build setting and select Switch Platform and Unity will recompile all its scripts in preparation for WebGL environment. Then Select build and your one your way!

Create a file for your build to go into, something descriptive enough for you to know exactly what’s inside.

Select that folder and Unity will Build your WebGL file.

There’s your WebGL ready for you to host one the website of your choice.

If you choose they will share your game for free. Simply register an account.

Fill out the information above and you will be taken to the Creator Dashboard where you can create a new project.

Select Create New Project and fill out the information for your game.

Then click Save and view page. You will be greeted with this image.

You will need to compress your build folder and the HTML file by selecting both right-click and send to, compressed folder.

After some self-explanatory sections for you to fill out you are done. If you chose public then your game is among the rest of the games on the site that people can find and play, and if you enabled comments, they could leave their feedback. You’ve done it, you have officially released your first game!