How to Import and Implement Animations from Mixamo!

addam davis
3 min readOct 22, 2021

Objective: Import any animation you want to your player using Mixamo!

What is Mixamo? Mixamo is a website that host a large library of animations that are free to download. All you need to do is log in, using either your adobe account or your google account and begin searching for the type of animation you want. This tutorial I’m going to show you how to import an idle animation.

log in and on the top search bar we enter Idle and search through the animations for one that we want.

Any of these will do, so if you are following along find one that you like and select it. In the large window you could upload your own model FBX file and it would show your character preforming the animations.

Once you decided on an animations select download. This will open another window. We want the format to be FBX for Unity, We want Skin to be with skin and 30 FPS should be just fine. Select Download.

This will download on the bottom of your browser, once it is done open your download folder. Select the FBX and drag it into your characters folder. If you Select the animation, in the inspector you will see that animation type is set to Generic. It is important that you change this to humanoid and press apply.

This allows us to use this animation clip. To gain access to the idle clip we need to duplicate the clip. Select the clip and press CTRL + D.

Take the xbot file and drag it into the FBX folder. Create a folder named “Animation” and place the new idle animation inside.

Now we need to create an animation controller for the player. I selected a parent folder in the project view and create a new folder “Animations.” Right click this folder and create Animator Controller “Player_Animator_Controller”

Now attach the controller to the animator on the player model.

Double click the controller to open the animator view. Drag your idle animation into the animator view and it should be default. You can tell if it is default if it is the color orange.

Select your clip in the project view and make sure Loop Time is set to true.

Now, you can run your game and your player will be looping it’s idle animation! Enjoy, and I’ll see you in the next tutorial!