IK Weapon placement in FPS Unity!

addam davis
2 min readJan 25, 2022

Objective: Import pistol and place it with your character!

This tutorial is going to focus on importing a gun from File base and positioning it with your character.

I’m using the USP feel free to use whatever gun you want to use. The principles are the same, you will need to position your character with weapon.

Also, I used Mixamo to place my Player in a pistol idle animation.

Don’t forget to set the Animation Type to Humanoid

This is a first-person shooter, so for now we can drag the USP into the main camera.

Now with the editor in play more we need to adjust the arms. We adjust so the hands look good in the game view regardless of the scene view. we are going to adjust the right arm, forearm, and hand. once that looks great we will work on the left arm, forearm, and hand.

When you finish the placement copy the transform values of the arm. Turn off the editor and paste those values. Now play the editor again and using the weapons from file base it comes with a firing animation. All you need to do is play the editor, click, and make sure you are happy with your hand placement.