Level Design Part 2: Walls!

addam davis
3 min readApr 26, 2022


Objective: Use customize our collected assets into prefabs and make walls!

The first thing we want to do is organize our Hierarchy. A clean hierarchy can make all the difference when working on any size project, however the larger the project the more organization can save you. Let’s create an empty object that will hold all our static items.

Now we can go easily navigate our hierarchy. Similarly, to creating the floor we are going to use the assets we’ve collected to create walls. With wall it is a good idea to have the top and the bottom be lighter pieces then the middle. this will give the illusion of depth.

I want to make this a prefab so I’m going to make an empty object and drag all these wall pieces into that object.

Just as before to make this a prefab drag the parent object into your prefab folder.

now drag the wall piece from the center of the room to the edge facing inward.

You could use this one wall piece to create all the walls you need for your environment. However, it would not look very interesting so, I’m going to make a second wall piece to make the environment look more dynamic.

Now use the same duplicate pattern to create walls for all sides of your rooms.

You may notice that once you get to a corner your walls aren’t lining up exactly as you want. We can fix this by using v-snapping (vortex snapping). With the object selected you can hold V and you can snap your object to the vortex of another object.

Then you can V-snap the rest of the wall and your will no longer have your gap.

Now you have all you need to complete the walls for your environment. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your assets and I’ll see you in the next tutorial!