Player Idle Animation!

addam davis
3 min readNov 10, 2021


Objective: Create and implement a jumping animation!

We have set up basic movement and jumping for our player and now we want to implement Some animations. We are going to begin our animation journey with and idle animation. This animation will loop while our player isn’t moving.

To begin I have a sprite with all the frames for the idle animation that needs to be sliced.

The artist will give you the information for what size these need to be sliced at.

We have already covered how to slice a sprite. If you need a reminder you can find the information here.

With the sprite sliced we need to open the animation window. Window > Animation > Animation

With the sprite object under player selected, select create animation clip.

I want to keep everything modular and organized so I’ll save mine under the player in a new folder named “Animation”

I named this animation “Idle”

Select all the sprites under Idle on the project view and drag them into the animation window.

You can press play and in the scene view you can preview the animation.

This is good but a little fast, lets set the sample rate to 15 to slow the animation a little.

This looks much better!

The Idle animation is automatically the default animation and becomes the starting point for our animation tree. In the next tutorial we are going to set up our run animation! See you in the next tutorial!