Post Processing: Color Adjustment!

Objective: Learn new Post Processes Effects!

In this tutorial we are going to go over two more Post Processing Effects we have available to use with the URP Pipeline. The effects in question are Color Adjustment.

Color Adjustment effect is used to change the overall tone, brightness, and contrast of your environment.

There are 5 options available to adjust withing this effect. Post Exposure, Contrast, Color Filter, Hue Shift, and Saturation.

Post Exposure adjust the overall exposure of the scene.

Post Exposure

Contrast Use the slider to expand or shrink the overall range of tonal values.


Color Filter Use the color picker to select which color the Color Adjustment effect should use to multiply the render and tint the result.

Color Filter

Hue Shift Use the slider to shift the hue of all colors.

Hue Shift

Saturation Use the slider to push the intensity of all colors.




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