Reflection Probes in Unity!

addam davis
2 min readJun 14, 2022

Objective: Add Reflection probes to your environment!

Reflection probes define the current reflection of an entire scene and place it for the materials to reflect. They act differently for URP as they would for HDRP.

In URP they are primarily just box reflections. In HDRP they use screen space reflections. Since we are using URP, the reflections aren’t going to line up perfectly, but it will add a reflective quality to your environment.

With the URP box reflections, it can be hit or miss. They can make you scene look better, however, it can also make your scene look worse. You are going to need to add the probe and decide for yourself.

To add Reflection Probes, navigate to the Game Object tab > Lights > Reflection Probe.

This creates an orb that is a copy of the environment. Every time we move this orb, it re-bakes the reflection.

If you have Gizmos turned on you can see the box around the Reflection Probe. We want to add these reflections to the entire room so in the inspector you can change the box side to incase the area.

Don’t forget the ceiling.

With the size taken care of now we can adjust these reflections further. Remember this is all personal feels. Me, I am going to lower the intensity slightly.

Now it’s up to you. Do you prefer the reflection probe, or not?