Setting Up the Quest for Development

addam davis
4 min readJan 20, 2024

Objective: Getting your PC and your VR headset ready for development!

Today’s VR headsets are basically computers that strap to your face. While developing on a headset we want to use our PC to be the computer, and the headset to be a visual apparatus. To set this up we need to download some software.

Setup Your Quest: Quest, Quest 2, Link, Rift S & Rift | Meta Quest | Meta Store

I am going to be using a Meta Quest 2, and if you follow the link above you can use this site for any of the Oculus software. When you get to the site just scroll down to find the software for the headset you are using.

This software is going to allow us to use the quest 2 as if it were an Oculus Rift. The Rift did not have a computer in it and it was solely used to play PC VR games. Unlike the Quest 2 and forward where you can just put on the headset, download a game and go.

With the download completed you can start the installing process. You will need to agree to the terms and conditions as you do with any software these days. You will then need to choose the installation location.

This may take a while.

Next, you’ll log in. (Insert shameless plug here.) After this you will have some privacy setting to set up.

We can now pick a location for our VR downloads to go. I usually stick with the default.

You can then add a payment method or just skip for later.

Were you expecting my card numbers?

After that, you can choose the type of device you are using.

Next up you have a choice. You can choose to go wired, or wireless. Going wireless is free, however your device will link to your computer over the Wi-Fi. Some people have trouble with performance dipping and a sudden drop in quality or frames can cause motion sickness. Going wired is going to cost you around $20–$30 but you will have a stable and constant connection with your PC. However, when shopping for a cable, remember, you are attaching your head to your computer, so maybe spend a little more to get a longer cord. You also won't need to worry about your battery life while plugged in.

Don’t buy the expensive Oculus cable, any right-angle USB C cable will do.

I am going cable, so let's move to the cable setup.

Once you connected the headset to the PC you can Test the connection.

After the test your finished.

Click close and it will take you to the oculus store.

If you go to devices, you can find your headset and its connection status.

Since we are going to be developing on this device we are going to want to go to setting and allow Unknown Sources. This will allow any VR software on our PC to be allowed to play on our headset.

In the Beta tab we want to turn on Developer runtime features. If you are like me and that option was missing, another way you can do this is by opening the Oculus app on your phone, pairing your headset with it and in the headset options there is “Developer Mode” Simply turn that setting on.

With that, you can plug your headset back into your computer and it will ask you a couple questions and select allow for both. That is all there is to it. You’re device is now set up and can be linked to your computer! I’ll see you in the next Tutorial!