Starting AWS S3 Services: Error Fixes!

addam davis
2 min readMar 31, 2022

Objective: Clear the errors of the current S3 setup!

If you are following along with these tutorials than when we finished “Starting AWS S3 Services,” when you test your code you will have an error. “Amazon Client Exception: no RegionEndPoint or service URL configured inside our S3 Client”

Going back inside the AWS Manager class, if you were to add a comma after credentials you would see that it is looking for things like a RegionEndPoint and other data.

The simplest way to fix this is to go back to our S3 example script and see where their EndPoint comes from. The example script is using CognitoIdentityRegion. We can copy their property and variable and paste into our class.

Rename the _CognitoIdentityRegion to _S3Region

Add the _S3Region after credentials

Now if you test your application again you will receive a new error code. “ Cannot override system-specified headers”

We need to add the line “AWSConfigs.HttpClient = AWSConfigs.HttpClientOption.UnityWebRequest;”

This is telling it to use the Unity Web Request as the http request. This finishes the last of the Errors Unity is printing out. What is next for us to focus on is granting access to S3 and we will do that in the next Tutorial!