Tessellation In HDRP!

addam davis
2 min readJun 17, 2022

Objective: Learn how to add tessellation to your materials.

To begin, Tessellation required a different shader. Currently your material is set to HDRP/Lit. The shader we need is HDRP/LitTessellation.

To engage tessellation, navigate to the displacement mode and select tessellation displacement.

If you don’t have a height map this will look flat. So, attach the height map we created in the previous tutorial.

I want the stone to be a little darker, so I adjust the color of the base map.

You can adjust the amplitude to give more depth to the stones. Be careful not to over doit.

Using a low angle you can see the stones are now being adjusted based on the height map to the tessellation.

Do not use this on 3D objects, they will fall apart. You can use the tessellation factor to increase the tessellation effect. This will make your tessellation smoother; however, it is more expensive so use sparingly.