The Power of Light Probes in Unity!

addam davis
2 min readAug 3, 2022


Objective: Understand and implement Light Probes!

Light probes are a mesh of light sources that emit light onto dynamic objects depending on how bright the light map is closest to that mesh. That may sound confusing, let’s learn while doing! We start by building the light probe group.

This creates a sort of box for us to edit.

We need to select the ‘Edit Light Probes’ button.

This allows you to select the individual spheres. The spheres are your light probe group. You can move them around your scene. The goal is to create a lattice of areas that are light to dark. Select the spheres, duplicate and create a grid formation.

If you create this lattice the areas that are dark, Unity will project a dark area and the areas that are light, Unity will project a light area. As a dynamic object is running through, instead of calculating the light density, it is going to be calculating it’s lighting off of that mesh.