Unique Types of Body Setting in Virtual Cameras — Orbital!

addam davis
2 min readFeb 9, 2023

Objective: Create your own dynamic Orbital Camera!

With Cinemachine, one of the body setting options you have is Orbital Transposer. This setting gives your virtual camera an orbiting path araound it’s ‘Follow’ object,

Body cameras need an object selected for the ‘Follow’ This will give the virtual camera its object to orbit.

With an object selected, the camera will keep this object in the center of it’s path.

If you have looked at the game scene you may have noticed that the virtual camera is not looking at anything. Set the object to the ‘LookAt’ object and your camera will stay focused on the target.

You can manually manipulate the ‘Bias’ from -180 to 180. Use this to check your positioning of the camera.

When using an orbital camera on my player I like to give it a higher elevation. You can do this by adjusting the ‘Follow Offset’

These camera types can be utilized in many unique ways. I.e., your game has drivable cares, you could use an orbital camera to get an outside 360-degree view. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this new body type, and I’ll see you in the next tutorial!