Unique Types of Body Setting in Virtual Cameras — Tracked Dolly!

addam davis
3 min readFeb 13, 2023

Objective: Create your own dynamic tracked dolly camera!

The tracked dolly camera is a camera that is attached to a path and is used when you have need your camera to move in a predetermined path. This is simple to set up and gives you access to creating dynamic animations and dramatic camera movements.

To begin we need to create a path. Create an empty game object.

Now we need to add the component Cinemachine Path.

This creates a path in your scene. This path can take on any form you need it to. By default, it has two waypoints, and we can add as many as we need.

To add waypoint, in the inspector under path details it gives you the list of waypoints. You can use the plus or minus to add or subtract waypoints.

You can choose to adjust your path first, or create the tracked dolly camera first. You will always need to make further adjustments once you can see through the camera lens.

Create a virtual camera and under the body set it to Tracked Dolly.

You will notice the big error triangle that says, “A Path is required.” Drag your object with the path component onto the path section in the inspecto to attach your camera.

From here you have your options for how you want your camera to work. You can animate the camera to move independently. You can also attach your player to the ‘Follow’ and have the camera track with the player.

To have the camera follow the player you will need to activate Auto Dolly.

Now as the player moves the camera will follow. This is great for side scrolling games and especially for cutscenes.

Also, wouldn’t hurt to have the camera look at the object it is following.

Now you know the basics of creating tracked dolly cameras. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these cameras and I’ll see you in the next tutorial!