Unique Types of Body Setting in Virtual Cameras — Transposing

Objective: Overview of Transposing Body Type of Virtual Cameras!

When it comes to creating virtual cameras for your Unity project there are options. When creating cameras that follow an object you will want to decide what type of Body to use. There are seven options in total and in this article, we are going to cover three of them.

Transposer — Transposer is the default setting when you create a virtual camera. It is the most basic and will give you exactly what you think you’ll get out of a basic follow function. The virtual camera algorithm moves the virtual camera in a fixed offset to the Follow target.

Framing Transposer — This camera moves in a fixed screen-space relationship to the Follow target. you can also specify offsets, damping, and composition rules. Framing transposer only changes the camera’s position in space. It does not re-orient or otherwise aim the camera.



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