Using Decals in Unity!

addam davis
2 min readJun 22, 2022


Objective: Learn how to use Decals in your scene!

Decals are materials projected onto other objects in a scene. In this tutorial I am using decals you can find on Filebase, “Blood Decals 02”

If you are going to create a decal yourself, you can go to Rendering > Decal Projector.

To create a decal, you will need to curate a decal texture. It would have a decal base map, and normal man. These blood decals have done this already. They are using the Blood decal material.

The blood decal material is using HDRP/Decal Shader

These blood decals are basically a projection. You will need to rotate it to aim down on the object it is being projected on.

This creates a projection of our texture onto whatever object we want it to project onto. Using these projections makes it perfect for non-flat surfaces. Decals will wrap on the surface evenly.

Decals are great for 2D textures. They are best used for things of high levels of detail that you may not want to create a 3D object for, but they really bring a scene to life!