Using Multiple Post Processing Profiles!

addam davis
3 min readJan 27, 2023

Objective: Create multiple Post Processing Profiles for the same scene.

If you have been following along with these tutorials, you will already have a Global volume being applied to the entire environment. We can add multiple post processing volumes. Select Create > Volume > Box Volume.

This creates a box for you to place and scale onto your scene.

The idea is if the player walking into this box the effects take effect. Let’s add another volume by duplicating the box and placing it somewhere else in the scene.

Select the first box volume and under volume on the inspector create new.

Locate the box volume profile and rename it.

Now we can start adding overrides to the first box volume. First place yourself inside the box.

Now we can add an override, let’s start with chromatic aberration.

This will give your player a distorted view. A nice effect if there are approaching something spooky.

You can watch test the effect by moving your camera in and out of the box volume.

You can adjust how quicky the effect takes place by adjusting the blend distance on the inspector.

You could add more overrides if you like, or you can move on to the other box volume.

Same as the first, in the inspector create a new profile and add overrides. On mine I’m going to add a bloom effect.

Since this is where the player would spawn, I want the area to be blown out and come into focus as the player walks into the main room.