Using Storyboards as Reference in Virtual Cameras

addam davis
2 min readFeb 18, 2023


Objective: Understanding how to import storyboards and implement them into your scenes.

The Cinemachine storyboard is a great way to reference your storyboard images and have it like an overlay on your screen.

To use this, we need to add a storyboard. I’m using an example I found online, you can use your own. Import the texture into your project.

To add your storyboard, go to your virtual camera and go to extension and select Cinemachine storyboard. Click that and it should turn pure white.

Go down to the subject matter and drop in your texture and it will overlay onto your camera. You can lower the alpha so you can see through the image and adjust your scene to better match your storyboard.

We also have a Cinemachine button, a global mute, this turns off all the story boards. This way when you swap from multiple virtual cameras you can see how you need to set up your scene.

Split view allows you to move the storyboard left and right, out of your way.

You can also adjust the texture to best fit your game view.

Now you know how to properly set up storyboard in your scene and you can use them to properly block your scenes and begin creating animations! Don’t be afraid to experiment with your scenes and I’ll see you in the next tutorial.