What is Filebase and What does it do?

addam davis
3 min readApr 21, 2022

Objective: Understand what Filebase is and how to import assets into your project!

What is Filebase? Filebase is a Unity extension we use at GameDevHQ where artist create beautiful assets that we can use in our projects. If you do not have access to Filebase, don’t worry. This is similar to using Unity Access store. You find the asset you want to use, download it, and import it into your project.

To begin we need to download Filebase. Got HERE and click Filebase on the left, then click download.

When your download is finished you can go into unity and import the file you just downloaded.

Now when finished you will see the GameDevHQ folder added to your project view and Filebase is added at the top of Unity.

Now we have access to Filebase. Click it and select open.

I am going to be building a sci-fi space. If you are following along feel free to use any asset that appeals to you. The process is the same. Let’s download some assets!

You will need to login using your GameDevHQ credentials. Once you found assets you want and you’ve logged in then select download, and once the download is finished select import.

Now your assets will be in the project view, and we will be able to start building with the assets we downloaded.

If, instead of using Filebase, you are using the Unity Asset Store, then the process is the same. You find the asset you want to use, download it and import it into your project. In the next tutorial we are going to take these assets and start building an environment with them. I’ll see you in the next tutorial!