Why Do We Prototype?

addam davis
2 min readMay 17, 2021


As you have followed along you have heard me use the term prototype a few times now. You may be wondering what a prototype is or why I keep referring to the previous project as a prototype.

What is a prototype? In a way, a prototype is an idea. Every game, app, movie, have all started as a prototype, an idea. Take animation for example. An idea for an animated show or movie is created. They don’t start animating right away, first they start with rough sketches, those lead to character designs and environmental sketches, then further refined with storyboarding, to animatics, to animation.

Do you think creating video games is different? The two are similar in the path of creating. You start with an idea. We started this journey with an idea of a 2d shooter. We used prehistoric object to define our characters, just like rough sketches on paper. We moved on from characters to movement.

The movement was a test to see if the game would work, and if it did would it be enjoyable. You wouldn’t want to create a game you yourself didn’t enjoy playing. If the prototype didn’t work, you could fix it and make adjustments easily. If you started with assets and making a game pretty it would make your job of fixing bugs a bit more complicated, especially for you first game.

The method of prototyping is a method you should always use when starting a new project. Whether it’s with Unity or anything else. If you decide to pain your house, pain a piece of scrap wood first. Using Unity is a skill, the more you use it, the more developed that skill will become. Like I always say, don’t be afraid of experimenting with your code. I will see you, in the next tutorial!