XR Interaction Toolkit

addam davis
3 min readJan 21, 2024


Objective: Install and explore the Interaction Toolkit!

At this stage we are ready to install the XR Interaction Toolkit. This give you a lot to play with and together we are going to go over some of it.

Next, we are going to install the starter assets.

The starter assets are added to your project view. Within you will find Prefabs, presets, a scene, and action map and more.

One of the most useful assets in this bundle, in my opinion, is the DemoScene. Loading this we can start the editor with our headset attached to the PC and we are given a landscape where we can experience VR with 5 different modules.

In the white area of the map, you can teleport using your right-hand joystick. Starting on the left. The first module is an example of three different types of grips you can experience in VR.

Kinetic, instantaneous, and Velocity tracked movements.

Next up is a Poke interaction example. You can point and press an interaction button or physically push these buttons using your “hand.”

Following this we have an example of different gaze interactable objects. I am using a Quest 2, so eye tracking is not an option. however, you can still use these by keeping the object in your center view.

We now have an example of UI interactables, there is not much to say here, it is not really different from the regular UI interactables.

Finally, there is a climbable Rockwall/ ladder section.

Whether you are new to VR or not it would be beneficial to load this scene, put on your headset, and experience these examples to get a better feel for what VR in Unity feels like.